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If you have had the experience of a bad boat trailer you know how time consuming and frustrating they can be. You may have owned the latest multi-roller trailer and well found that when there is a bit of wind and current around it can be almost impossible to get the boat straight onto the trailer.

BG Trailers are designed to get it right the first time, every time. Combining the latest multi-roller technology with the proven advantage of a keel-roller system on our larger trailers you will find it wont matter at what angle you hit the trailer as the boat will be directed to the center every time.

Quality renowned BG Trailers have 12 months warranty come with the following inclusions:

• LED submersible lights,
• All galvanised with stainless steel fasteners
• Web winch strap
• Brand new light truck radials.
• Galvanised heavy duty steel finish
• Swing up Jockey wheel
• Galvanised wheels, hubs and heavy duty leaf springs

Sizes start at 3.3m and go up to 7.6m in length. We also provide:

• Stand up, single and double Jet Ski Trailers.
Custom Designed Trailers & box trailers coming soon!

Our service and repair agent is Fremantle Trailers, or find them and our other dealers on our

dealers page.


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