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BG 640

          BG 640  Specifications
Tare weight:  500kg
             Aggregate:  2000kg & 3200kg (640EH)
Wheels:  14 inch rims & light truck tyres 
Tandem axle, the front axle is mechanically braked 
Overall Length:  7.3m
Width: 2.2m
Minimum length from the frame to the winch roller is 5.3m
Maximum length from the frame to the winch roller is 6.1m 
(Can have electric over hydraulic brakes fitted, all wheels braked, hydraulic callipers and increases rating to 3T gross. Check out the pricing on the BG 640EH)

BG 640 boat TRAILERS


Description: BG 640 Multi Roller Boat Trailers

BG Trailers offers a 6.4 meter trailer designed for boats ranging from 5.3m to 6.2m in length

This trailer is a tandem axle trailer and comes in two models.

The BG 640 tandem has mechanical brakes on the front axle and is rated at 2000kg aggregate. 

The BG 640EH has hydraulic bakes on every wheel with a Hydrastar electric over hydraulic braking controller system fitted. The tow hitch is rated to 3200kg with 13mm 3.5kg rated tow chain. 

Standard features include:

• 12 months warranty
• LED submersible lights
• All stainless steel fasteners
• Web winch strap
• Brand new light truck radials
• Galvanised springs, axles & hits with a heavy duty steel finish
• Jockey wheel

Compare our pricing and specification, value plus here!

BG 640 - $6156 .00 inclusive of GST (Mechanically Braked)
BG 640EH - $10,550.00 inclusive of GST (Elect/Hyd Brakes)

Options: (add to tow away price)

Fitted spare wheel & carrier $285.00

Swing down spare wheel on a galvanised stub axle with spare hub/bearings, generally used to assist with beach launching: $459.00

BG 640EH $8915.00 inclusive of GST (Elect/Hyd Brakes)

BG 640 add registration costs & dealer charges $395.00

BG 640EH add registration costs & dealer charges $495.00

$6551.00 tow away price (BG 640)
$11,045.00 tow away (BG640EH)

Total cost inc 12 months registration, but excludes DOT stamp duty fees on the transfer. 

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