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BG 400

 BG 400  Specifications
Tare weight:  210kg

Total Aggregate:  750kg (unbraked)
Wheels:  13 inch galvanised Ford rims with light truck tyres
Overall Length:  4.9m 
Width: 1.6m
Minimum length from the frame to winch roller is 3.3m
Maximum length from the frame to winch roller is 4.2m 

BG - 400 Boat TRAILER


Description: BG 400 Boat Trailers

BG Trailers offers a 4 meter trailer designed for dinghy boats ranging from 3.3m - 4.2 in 

This trailer comes  in a multi roller versions. This trailer is has a 750kg aggregate, so does not have brakes installed.  

Standard features include:

• 12 months warranty
• LED submersible lights
• All stainless steel fasteners
• Web winch strap
• Brand new light truck radials
• Galvanised axles, springs & hubs
• Swing up jockey wheel

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Retail: $2177.00 inclusive of GST

(add to tow away price)

New fitted spare wheel & carrier $285.00 

Add mechanical brakes rated to 1.7T $460.00

Add registration costs & dealer charges of $285.00

$2462.00 tow away price

Total cost includes 12 months registration, but excludes DOT Stamp duty fees on the transfer.

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